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Half & Half started first as a music and lifestyle blog based in two different cities, Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado. Originally intended to showcase both music and artwork, founder and Colorado native turned Portland resident Sam Keeler has slowly transformed Half & Half to what it is today: a close-knit, new music hungry blog that has a heavy emphasis on local music from all around the country. With three zines under its belt, dozens of artist features, a myriad of show and festival galleries, and interviews with notable figures in the music industry, Half & Half has stuck to its roots by presenting the latest music, whatever genre it may be. With a recent cosmetic update and future local music zine to be released, Half & Half aims to keep a consistent update on newer bands and artists, big or small.

Check out our contributors below, based all around the country.

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Sam keeler



Portland, OR sam@halfnhalf.co

Jaycee Rockhold | Chicago, IL | assistant editor | jaycee@halfnhalf.co


Claire Chaney, Bailey Vigliaturo, Emily Nelson, Hailey Johnson, Hannah Cantrell, Sophia Ragomo

graphic by Averi Campbell



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