Artist to Watch//Twin Peaks

If any band were made up of cool dads who drink too much cheap beer, it would be Twin Peaks.

The five piece band, all barely old enough to get into bars, have toured the United States and Europe, whether it be made up of wild, dirty shows in someone’s basement, or playing sold out performances in even filthier dive bars. Twin Peaks, made up of Cadien Lake James, Connor Brodner, Colin Croom, Clay Frankel, and Jack Dolan are bringing young rock and roll back onto the radar.

With ratty converse, sweaters with holes in the hems, and a touring van presumably littered with hamburger wrappers, rolling papers, and empty beer cans, Twin Peaks doesn’t appear to have any desire to live in a life of luxury. Maybe it’s because of their involvement in the Chicago DIY scene, playing secret shows with the likes of The Orwells and Modern Vices (both bands that have been Chicago favorites), or maybe it’s because they’re down to earth guys who just like music and having a good time. Either way, the Chicago natives are taking the garage rock scene by storm.

It’s difficult to classify Twin Peaks as one certain genre. Their first set of released music, Sunken, was a well received, lo-fi mini LP recorded in a house, with influences from other notable DIY bands like Smith Westerns, as well as modern, classic acts like The Strokes. Combine dreamy guitar chords, the soulful, impressive vocal range of James, and then erratic, haphazard shouts, and you get the tip of the iceberg of Sunken. Even though all 8 songs played straight through take up less than 20 minutes, tracks like “Irene” and “Boomers” still stick out as fan favorites.

Wild Onion, released in late 2014, has double the amount of songs and lasts twice as long. A little more polished with cleaner vocals, more obvious sounds from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys, Twin Peaks is keeping a youthful vibe even though their sound has taken on an old soul. Wild Onion is kind of like a summer anthem for those who want to get out of the suburbs and experience a real, senselessly crazy night in the city.  After playing a completely sold out release party at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Wild Onion has gathered Twin Peaks a lot of attention. The band has recently toured the United States along with Modern Vices and a smattering of festivals, with Outside Lands and Lollapalooza on their to do list.

If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks live, make sure you make it a top priority. Each member brings a different element to the stage, whether it be Dolan as the stoner bassist who likes to crowd surf (which has led to a broken tooth and swollen ankles), or Frankel as the cheeky grinned guy who’s like a live wire during the show. If you can’t catch them playing a basement somewhere or at an upcoming festival (okay Lollapalooza, $110 for one day is getting a little ridiculous), you can expect new music on the way and surely more drunken escapades from the Twin Peaks dudes.