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We first caught up with Coin at SXSW earlier this year, and since then they have been busy completing their debut album.  

If you haven’t heard COIN yet, well, what are you doing? The synth-pop band from Nashville, released their self-titled album June 8th, a day before the set release date, and COIN will probably be the soundtrack to my summer. With similar styles to Cheerleader and Cruisr, Coin have compiled an album that makes you want to throw yourself in the middle of a dance circle and yell the lyrics as loud as possible.

Every song on the 10-track album has funky bass, rhythmic beats, and enough synth to bring you back to the 80s. Almost every song on COIN is guaranteed to make you dance, especially the opening song to the album, ‘Atlas’. This song was revamped from their EP ‘1992’ and full of energy, as well as track 3, ‘Time Machine’ which makes me feel like I should be rollerblading through a time vortex, get it? Both of these songs are beyond catchy and the most upbeat tracks you will ever hear, along with crowd pleaser songs: ‘Fingers Crossed’ and ‘Run’ from the Coin EP. The good thing about Coin’s music is that if you don’t know the lyrics, or can’t simply understand them, you can easily make it up and it will still sound the same. Other tracks on the album like ‘I Would’ and “It’s a Trap’ are no strangers to the funky guitar and synth sounds, and help bring the album together.

Although, this album is majority upbeat and lively songs, COIN does have a slower song, literally, one. ‘Lately’ may be the last song on the album, but it is the perfect end to an album, and easily one of my favorite songs on COIN. The song starts out slow and mellow, but by the middle of it the beat picks up, yet right when you feel like jamming it slows back down again to a nice piano tune, and then faster at the end. The ups and downs in the song make ‘Lately’ a tune that you won’t get tired of.

Coin’s debut album is nothing short of impressive. With the 80s vibes and energetic beats, COIN will keep you dancing all summer, and maybe fall, and winter.  Seriously, if you are in need for more pick-me-up music take a listen to this new album, I’m sure you’ll love it.

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