Artist to Watch//Kid Wave

By combining sultry, lush vocals and evocative, melodious instrumentals, Kid Wave brings a new style of dreamy pop music into the world of indie-pop. The international quartet, who currently reside in London, embody a sense of unconventional freedom and euphoria in their 11 song LP, “Wonderlust”, which is set to be released on June 1, via Heavenly Records.

Although they’re based in the UK, their music has elements of sounds that completely embody the spirit of California and have a beachy, feel-good sentiment to them. Imagine being at the beach with the wind in your hair, the sun gracing your skin, and the combined smell of sunscreen and salt water; this is what this album sounds like.

Kid Wave have outdone themselves with all 11 songs on the album. Although lead singer, Lea Emmery’s, voice is very hushed and smooth, the band combines her vocals with powerful, crushing drums and elaborate, yet smooth guitar and bass chords to produce a brilliant collection of songs, just in time for summer. The two-male/two-female band have constructed an album that will make any person want to get up and dance and will make anyone who listens to it be reminded of the power of being youthful and free.

The first song on the album “Wonderlust”—which is mimics the album name—is filled with sweet-sounding instrumentals and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. “Honey”, which just premiered on FADER, will restore your faith in pop music. It starts off with a beautifully emphatic drum solo and gets louder and louder with every added instrument.

In the midst of all the lust, powerful summer tunes, they slow things down with “Walk on Fire,” which has such intimate and personable lyrics that will hit home with everyone. The song picks up with an eclectic selection of driven guitar riffs and powerful drum beats, all paired with Lea’s beautiful vocals.

All in all, Kid Wave have provided the soundtrack to anyones summer by embodying the empowerment of youthful exhilaration and a rush of invigoration.