Mini Mansions//Interview

Mini Mansions is three piece power group reigning from the great city of Los Angeles. Consisting of Zach Dawes, Michael Shuman, and Tyler Parkford I got to chat with them before their set at Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR.

How did the band originally come together?

The year was 2009 and we formed because none of us were playing music at the time and wanted to start something different. Tyler and I had a bunch of demos of our own little pop songs that never saw the light of day that we would exchange. We are both admirers of each other works and it blossomed from there.

How has the band evolved since your self titled album?

We are definitely the same guys but a closer knit group. Clearer, uniform visions whereas before we were basing it off songs that were demos of the past and then creating them together to figure out where we wanted the band to be. Now we already knew what we wanted to be and although the songs still stem from Tyler and I, there was a lot more collaborative process and no matter what, the song comes from within us individually we pound them out and produce them as a group. Then we sell that shit!

Brian Wilson is featured on your new album, ‘The Great Pretenders’. Has he always been a source of inspiration and how did you connect with him?

Thats been engrained in us from our childhood. It was insane for us and it stemmed from being apart of the LA community. Zach worked with T Bone Burnett and Capital who was putting together some musicians to play on Brian’s new record and asked Zach to play. And that was incredible for Zach and then basically he asked Brian to return the favor in a much bigger way. Definitely a dream come true.

Mini Mansions led an absolutely killer set full of synth psych pop grooves that left me clamoring for more. Their newest album The Great Pretenders is out now and I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy.