Artist to Watch//Zella Day

When I saw Zella Day live in Austin for the first time in March at South By Southwest, I immediately knew she was a serious artist who, in traditional old-soul fashion, possessed a clear vision of how she wanted to unveil her music to the world. Her sultry sound was upheld by an equally sultry aura and although she merely swayed her hips from side to side most of the time, her stage presence evoked a magnetic attraction that I hadn’t yet experienced. It was an intense, confident gaze; a fiery passion – and it definitely ignited something within me. This was an artist I wanted to bring light to, because all Lana Del Rey-comparisons aside, Zella is her own artist with a unique story to tell.

The 20 year old singer from the mountains of Arizona is a pop force to be reckoned with. She’s got such a Western-Indie-Pop mix to her music that is just screaming to be played in the heat of the summer, wherever you may be. Her voice is something that even though it doesn’t go octaves, it resonates something so realistic. Her music is euphoric, but etched in a realism that’s so wonderful to listen to.

Day is admired for that bohemian pop infused sound, which she attributes to the influence of artists such as Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley. The musician began playing the guitar at the age of 9 and started writing her own music shortly afterwards, eventually catching the ears of online music listeners with her first single "Sweet Ophelia" released in April of this year. Zella Day makes thinking music, the kind with production that keeps you interested even if the beat keeps you dancing. She’s already one of the most blogged about new artists of the year, and her debut album just dropped a few weeks ago.

There is so much universally instinctive greatness going on in this brilliant album which leads me to believe that Zella Day in every which way is one to watch. Pick up her new album Kicker in stores or on iTunes and catch her on her first headline tour starting July 21st in Houston with LANY.