ENDS is made up of Daniel Iglesias Jr. and Zack Sekuler; a directing duo out of Southern California. Chances are you have seen their work without even realizing it. Starting out with The Neighbourhood's video for Sweater Weather, they have since worked on various projects including videos for Hunter HayesBad SunsTapioca & the FleaJonas BrothersX Ambassadors, and several more videos for The Neighbourhood.

In between their busy schedules, Daniel and Zack were able to talk with me about their directing work with ENDS, inspiration, and advice for people that want to be in their shoes...

What got you into graphic design/video directing?

Daniel: I’m not a graphic designer, Zack is. I got into directing from acting. I’m an actor as well, and for a while was feeling creatively unfulfilled. I had my own ideas that I wanted to create. My friends started a band called The Neighbourhood and asked Zack and I to get together to make their first music video. ENDS was born and the rest is history.

Zack: I got into graphic design because my dad did it and I saw how cool it was, video producing was out of me begging my friend Jesse to let me make a video for his new band.

What has been your favorite project to work on?

D: AFRAID. http://youtu.be/LILL0AV0938

Z: All of them are my favorite.

If you could create a music video for any song in the world, what song would you choose?

D: Right now I wish we could make an entire video series for every video on The NBHD’s “#000000 & #FFFFFF” album coming out. I’m super inspired visually by every song and basically already have all the ideas. Their new sound is so bizarre, and compelling, and visceral.

Z:”Hateful” by The Clash because I came up with a cool idea in the car the other day while listening to it.

What are some sources of  inspiration?

D: In terms of music video inspiration – I love what BRTHR and Ian & Cooper are doing right now.

Z: I’m visually inspired by quite a few things, my graphic design bread and butter is Russian constructivism, I also have a fondness for Eastern European writers from the turn of the 20th century like Kafka. In terms of film I’m just inspired by great storytelling both visually and narratively.

How long have you been doing this?

D:A little over 2 years total. About a year and a half professionally.

Z: 2 and a half years now I think.

How did you get to this point in your career?

D:Opportunity, cleverness, and hard work – I’d say. I think the term lucky implies that we just fell into this position without working for it. We were fortunate enough to get presented with an opportunity. We were smart and hard-working enough to create something from it.

Z: Writing back to emails.

Any advice for people aspiring to be in your position?

D:Learn to correlate your artistic integrity/creative vision with the industry’s agenda.

Z:Know your stuff.

Anything currently in the works for ENDS?

D:We just finished creating the visuals for The NBHD’s live show. Now we are in the beginning stages of conceptualizing a few videos for both pop and hip-hop artists.

Z: We’re making the new music video for this band called “The Beatles”, they’re a small up and coming band out of the UK.

check out their website at ends.la