Hippo Campus//Interview

Based out of Minneapolis, up and coming indie pop band Hippo Campus is currently supporting The Mowglis on their Kids in Love tour. We met up with them last Friday, check out our interview and photos from the show below.

Are you excited to be starting the tour with Night Riots and The Mowglis?

Yes yes yes

So we just saw you on Conan, how was that?

Pretty weird
Insane some would say
Kind of like peeking for a day
Like a dream
Warner Bros Studios is a very weird place
No ones happy there, everyone’s fake. The walls are fake the airs not real the skies not real
Conan’s a robot
He does have eyebrows but I don’t think those are real.
He’s super friendly, super tall.

What inspired you guys to become musicians?

Turntan: Hmmm Stitches you want to go first?

Stitches: For me it was less of an inspiration and more of a need. It was a drawing to music. I grew up in a pretty musical household and it was sort of just something that happened. Obviously it was a more of a want but it was more natural than someone seeing a video of someone playing the guitar and then wanting to play the guitar. That’s how it is for me I guess.

Turntan: I’m on the same boat. My family is all musical so it’s just kind of supposed to go that way.

Espo: Yeah um my older brother was sorta into music and I was very impressionable at a young age he was into the hardcore stuff and I didn’t want to get beat up so I was like why don’t I just start getting into music. So here I am.

Beans: I had the same kind of thing. Oh I don’t know I haven’t really been playing drums my entire life but I’ve gravitated towards musical instruments ever since I was a toddler. So I guess its just the same as everyone else.

What inspired the name Hippo Campus?

I was in phycology class in high school reading about the brain and came across the funny funny word talking about the memory center if I remember correctly and I was like oh that’s kind of a cool word and we had just started sketching and doing some ideas musically and split the word in half and bing bang boom.
Not really a fantastic story behind that.
Yeah it was just a cool word, we tried so hard and then it just appeared.
Let’s role with that.

(Espo’s version of the story): We were walking down the streets of Everest one day and a crazy drunk Shaman came up and was like you’re going to be in a band and we were like ok it’s gonna be called this. Bing Bang Boom.

Are you excited to play Lolla?

Yeah, we’re going to be sharing the stage with Paul McCartney. Well I wish, we’re not actually doing that. But yeah Lolla sounds really fun.
I’ve never been.
It’s a crazy cool thing. There’s a lot of people and a lot of music. One of the biggest events the US hosts in the year. We’re excited I don’t think we realize what it is going to be like until we get there.
It’s one of those anticipations and it won’t really sink in until the day we are playing Lolla. It’s like Conan, except we have more time to ponder.

Is it a big change coming from Minnesota to being on tour?

I don’t know. America feels like one big city with slight changes all over the place. Well Texas is hugely different, but everywhere else I don’t know.
We’ve just been bouncing city to city so we haven’t gotten the chance to see the people, know the culture.
I feel like the venues too…it’s not like a huge difference. They all kind of have the same feel to them. Like two days ago when we played our first show with The Mowglis we were sitting in the green room and it kind of just felt like we were in another venue in Minneapolis but we weren’t, we were in San Francisco. It’s strange.
The only difference is the crowd. We don’t know anyone in the crowd.
Our parents can’t come out to the shows anymore. That’s what happens when your in a band, your parents can’t see you anymore.

What has been your favorite show?

Before we went on tour we played at First Avenue a couple times which is the big venue in Minneapolis in January and that was pretty cool. That was a dream come true.

And we have had a lot of really good house shows with pals. We like house shows those are always a good time.

The smaller shows with the more intimate settings are really pretty awesome because the intimacy adds something. It’s different from like Conan where everyone is sitting, everyone is quiet you’re not connected to the crowd. You would love to say that they were all cheering for you, but there’s probably also big applause thing. But yeah there are those differences and the intimacy is a really important part of having a great show.

Describe your music in one word


(and the winner) Doge