Sasquatch!//Day 1

After a series of unfortunate events, I booked a last minute flight into Portland, met up with a friend and embarked on my journey to Sasquatch. The home of this 4 day festival is in a nook of the Columbia River Gorge in Washington, where we me up with our group and set up camp surrounded by cows and other eager festival goers. Everyone buzzed with anticipation and excitement to finally be setting up camp for the weekend.

The journey to the festival ground began at our campsite which happened to be situated in the farthest possible location. Several blisters and dust covered feet later we ended our trek and checked into the festival. Entering the grounds every single person had a smile stuck on their face, it was hard not to when you are at one of the happiest places on Earth. As we adventured around the festival ground, I was about to undergo one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend. As I walked up the hill, the sounds of Jungle played in the background and that moment I stepped onto the top of the hill I will never forget. In front of me was the main Sasquatch stage which looks like it was dropped in front of a massive painting. The river flows through the gorge almost directly behind the stage and what a magical sight it was to see.

Some highlights of Day 1 included sitting on a hill watching Of Monsters and Men in the rain, the radiating happiness of everyone at the festival, and Flume who absolutely killed it. You can check out photos of Flume, Little Dragon, Alunageorge, and Mother Mother below.