Artist to Watch//Clubhouse

A few weeks ago I was sitting at home when my dad emailed me a link to a song. The subject of the email questioned, “Do you like this?” Typical of my father there was no name to be found of the song or even the slightest hint of who the artist may have been. After some digging I found out the song – which I did, in fact, like. The song was by Clubhouse – a local (to my home state of Ohio) 5 piece group attending Ohio University, with the exception of their keyboardist who attends The Ohio State University. The band consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Max Reichert, bassist Ben Saulnier, drummer Zak Blumer, keyboardist Michael Berthold and lead guitarist Ari Blumer.

The Blumer twins met Reichert in their hometown, becoming fast friends. Zak began hand drumming on the congas, as his parents noticed him tapping along to songs. He soon moved on to the timbales which are another kind of Latin American drums, except these are used with sticks. When realizing he enjoyed drumming with sticks more than his hands alone he began to play a traditional drum kit. Zak knew he wanted to be involved in music, ultimately, after his first performance – giving him a rush that he knew he wanted to continue to have the rest of his life.  The three began to write songs together, joining a few bands before creating what is now Clubhouse.

Max, Ari and Zak eventually met up with Mike Berthold and Ben Saulnier as they wanted their music to have a little more depth. The band gives off a “dance-oriented [,] but warmhearted feel” as stated by drummer, Zak. In my opinion, the band’s sound does exactly that. The group says their influences come from The 1975, Walk the Moon, The Griswolds, and St.Lucia (among many more well-loved indie pop groups). These influences are felt easily with the group’s first single, “To the Ocean” (Which reminded me of The 1975’s, “Settle Down”). With only one song released on iTunes and Spotify, barely a month ago, on April 10th, the band has me hooked. The song incorporates appropriately (based on the name) beachy sounds with a pop orientated beat that’s perfect for that trip ‘to the ocean’ or just a good listen for a summer drive.

Clubhouse is currently working on creating an EP as they rehearse and plan to perform all around Ohio. Be sure to show the group some love and purchase their song on iTunes or check it out on Spotify now. So, if you’re like me and have fallen in love with this song be sure to follow the group on their Twitter account or like them onFacebook  for updates.