New Releases//April 2015

There has already been a bunch of amazing things going on in the first couple months of 2015 from festivals starting to kick off, tons of new singles, lots and lots of concerts, and handful of artists releasing new albums with more to come later this year. Listed below are 3 amazing new albums that just recently came out and everyone should give them a listen from beginning to end.

The first one is Purity Rings second album, Another Eternity. This has been one that myself and many others have been waiting on, for quite awhile. After their first albumShrines back in 2012, I’ve been waiting for another album and this one is nothing short of amazing. You can stream the full album here.

Secondly, Death Cab for Cutie released their 8th studio album titled KINTSUGI on March 31st. They haven’t released a full album in about 4 years, this one is flawless. You can stream the full album here

& Lastly, Sufjan Stevens releases one of my favorite albums of all-time titled Carrie & Lowell. This album is just beautiful and I suggest you all go try to get your hands on a physical copy because it sounds even better on vinyl. But, just incase they’re already sold out, you can stream the entire album here.

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