Interview and Show Review//Rixton

Four piece English pop-rock band Rixton played their second night at Red Rocks supporting Ed Sheeran. Their performance was set with a backdrop of not only the incredible Red Rocks Amphitheater, but also a double rainbow which formed throughout their set after a little bit of rain. You can check out our talk with the band and a review of their show below...


What got you all into music?

I grew up constantly with music being played in the house. From Michael Jackson to Aerosmith, from Queen to Shania Twain, I come from a very musical background so I've not known anything different. I just needed to be involved in music one way or another.

What has been your favorite show to play/what show are you most looking forward to?

Ok, I'm not just saying this, but Red Rocks has well and truly blown our minds. Feels like the audience are just on top of you, it's incredibly overwhelming.

How is it hearing your songs on the radio?

You never quite get used to it. The best moment I had was when I took my now girlfriend out on a date in the early stages of our relationship and we were in an uber, and 'Me and my broken heart' came on and we didn't say anything. I just gave her the look, she knew, she knew. ;)

What are some main sources of inspiration? 

When we're live on stage we take a lot of RnB influence but mix it was a rock sound. Because we're 5 different guys we have 4 different tastes in music, but our main cross over is RnB. We all grew up listening to british RnB.

Favorite food to eat on tour? 

I'm a sucker for a pizza after the show. Gets me everytime.

What's your favorite song off Let the Road? 

Mine would have to be a song called 'Beautiful excuses'. I wrote it when me and my ex girlfriend split up and it was the first time really where I've written something and felt like it was a major release for me, especially when i see our fans singing along to it. 

What's in the future for the band?

We want to make a new record ASAP. We want to capture what we do live, and put it down. Really hone in on a 'rixton' sound. 

Describe your band in one word.


Starting with one of their more popular songs, "Wait on Me," the moment these guys hit the stage, they had the entire crowd dancing. The band was constantly engaging with the crowd. This peaked when lead singer, Jake Roche, grabbed a girl from the audience and sang to her during their song "Appreciated." After the song, he asked the girl a few questions: Have you got any oxygen (a typical question coming from any artist who is experiencing Colorado's lovely altitude), Will you be my best friend, Are you excited for Ed Sheeran, and Can we take a selfie. The band continued on to play a mash up of covers of "Uptown Funk" and "Crazy In Love." After making comments of being sun burned, a mom from the crowd came down and tossed them some lotion for their sun burns, good ol' Colorado hospitality. The band closed with their most popular song "Me and My Broken Heart." It was a great show and they left the stage with a second night of Red Rocks under their belts and a lot of new fans.