Interview//New Politics

I sat down with David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Louis Vecchio of New Politics this past weekend at 93.3's annual Big Gig in Denver. Check out the interview, photos from their performance, and some polaroids below! 

Sam: How are you guys liking Colorado so far, you’ve been here a few times.

David: Love it, it’s one of our favorite places.

Louis: You can smell the air difference here

Yeah, I’ve noticed that

David: I like that it’s so tied in with nature but it’s still a city

Soren: It’s also pretty cool to wake up and look at mountains

Louis: People seem to be a little healthier

David: It feels like there’s more of an organic vibe here. Hey New York I love it

Louis: New York is more burgers and hot dogs

There are a lot of active people here with the mountains being so close.

David: Totally yeah, that makes sense

I’ve seen you guys play a couple of times and you probably have one of the best live shows

All: Thank You

So what’s been your favorite live show of all time?

D: Definitely last time on the Everywhere I Go tour, our headline show here at the Gothic Theatre. Red Rocks was pretty awesome with Paramour and Fall Out Boy

S: It was also really cool to play Summer Fest

L: Yes that was recently

D: There’s been so many they vary in different ways. They all have different magical touches.

Okay so do you guys prefer to play to a huge festival type audience or at a smaller more intimate venue?

S: We’ve actually just gotten this question a few days ago, and it’s funny how

D: (sings) Money changes situations

S: When you play a festival crowd it can get really rowdy but when you play a headlining show where everyone knows all the words it’s really touching. So it’s two different things, both are really fun. I think that one is really hard to choose

Fan Questions:
@joanabananaaa: Lou, what is your favorite Listerine flavor?

All: (laughs)

D: I know exactly why this one is there, that’s what you get for talking your mouth on loveline

L: Um I would say Winter Fresh

S: Ooo winter fresh

D: It gives this feeling (wind-type sound)

@trohmagic: if you were an instrument, what type would you be and what famous musician would you want to play you?

S: Ooo that one is kind of dirty

D: (laughs) Why is it dirty?

All: (laughs)

S: This is where you don’t say flute

D: Defiantly not flute.  I would have to be Sebastian Bach’s piano

L: Mozart’s piano

All: (deliberating choices, David mentions Sebastian Bach’s microphone)

S: Yeah I would have to be Sebastian Bach’s Piano

D: We’ve already said Motzart’s Piano

L: No that’s what Soren’s choice is

D: So now I gotta pick a new one? That was the one I said

S: No you said Sebastian Bach’s microphone

D: No I said his piano

S: Is that true, can we all agree he said that

I mean you can both be Mozart’s piano

D: I think that would be the coolest one to be.

L: I would be John Baunum’s snare drum or John Baunum’s kick and snare drum but I pick his snare drum

 @shadowpico: Does the new album have any collaborations?

S: Kind of, we recorded a song with Joe from Fall Out Boy. We collaborated with a lot of different people making the album

D: But there’s no feature or anything, I think we’ll wait on that. Maybe we’ll touch ground like that in the future like with the next project, a mix tape or another album.

So with your new album coming out, do you think that you sound has developed or changed from Harlem or is it mostly similar sounding?

D: It’s always developing.  There will always be certain songs that will individuate themselves a little bit. However that works, I mean we don’t have a process with writing. If something goes in a certain way and it sounds right and it resonates with us then we will take it all the way. There will always be small songs that maybe stray a little bit, I would say that West End Kids is a good example of that, but that’s not how the album is.  That’s just one of the songs on the album. We experimented a lot on this album without even thinking about it too much, we just kind of went with it and it was a really fun thing. But you know we’ll definitely have our Harlem element there and our first album so we can’t help but change and grow

Last question, one word to describe your band

 D: This is a hard one

Yeah, we ask everyone this

S: Hmmm

D: You don’t even know good English make up a word

S: Power

D: Power

S: Power-Pop

D: Power Pop on steroids

Ha with the hyphen make it a really long word

S: Or can’t we just hash tag a really long word