Artist to Watch//House of Lions

If you haven’t heard of House of Lions, you are missing out. House of Lions are a 5-piece, indie-alternative band based out of London, consisting of Ed Vyvyan (vocals), Tom Rea (guitar), Dougal Lot (guitar), Will Ryder (bass), and Jake Gidley (drums). The band uses the synth and guitar to drive their sound, adding in strong harmonies, to make each song have the House of Lions feel. Their EP, Perfect Fool, is sure to make you dance, and is a perfect fit for the summer. If you like the band Foals or Coasts, you might take an interest to House of Lions. After their first single, Uncruel, was released in March of 2014, it went to the Top 30 Alternative chart on ITunes. House of Lions then released their debut EP, Perfect Fool, November 2014, and I can proudly say I have not stopped listening to it since. My favorite song might be She Moves, with Uncruel coming in a close second, but give it a listen and decide for yourself. If you live in the UK, keep your eyes peeled on their twitter for up and coming shows, you need to see these guys.

Check out their video for Uncruel here and Perfect Fool EP here.

Twitter: @HouseofLionsHOL