Artist to Watch//Prelow

Prelow: No mistake in listening

Can’t begin to explain how excited I was that I recently had the opportunity to chat, briefly, with Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh during the Skizzy Mars show in Columbus, OH. If you don’t know who Matt and Jesse are they’re the duo who make up the electronic indie synth group Prelow. The group, who have only 5 songs up on their soundcloud, have been on constant replay for me lately and I was thrilled to hear they’d be opening for my favorite indie influenced rapper.

The group combines smooth vocals with sensual beats that make for the perfect lazy day music. Aicher and Walsh met at NYU where they drunkenly collaborated to create what would become their wildly popular single, “Mistakes Like This”.  The two can credit their unique sound to their very different upbringings. Jesse spent his younger years playing guitar in more alternative groups, whereas Matt was making beats and listening to hip hop music while growing up. This being said, it’s easy to see how Aicher and Walsh have a sound that would entice listeners ears.

What really struck me the most about this group, aside from the hypnotizing stage presence they brought to the sold out crowd of about 300 people, was their lyrics. Their Hypem chart topper, “Mistakes Like This” is romantic and mildly heart wrenching until the listener reaches the chorus, “And my dick takes over and I’m thinking bout’ your lips, but we’re too damn sober for mistakes like this.” The blunt and slightly crude use of the word “dick” (specifically and uncomfortably so) throws the listener for a loop and removes all romanticism from the song which, according to Walsh, was exactly the point. Personally, every time I listen to the song I’m still shocked a little. However, after Walsh explained the purpose of the song to me I’ve grown to love it a little more, purely for the thought behind it.

Their debut EP, “Why Does Everything Happen So Much” recently came out in January and is full of lustful sounds and seemingly nostalgic lyrics (listen closely!). Prelow will be touring in support of Skizzy Mars and Swizzymack (a Mad Decent signed trap artist) through April 18th. So make sure to check out their set in one of the select cities they’ll be playing in.