Banks//October 16

Last Thursday night, I hopped off a plane from Denver back into Portland and went straight to the Crystal Ballroom just in time to catch Banks for her first ever show in Portland.

Movement was first to hit the stage. Often times it’s hard for the opener to win the crowd over when everyone just wants to see the main act, but Movement did just that. Movement is a band out of Sydney, Australia made up of Jesse James Ward (bass&vocals), Lewis Wade (vocals&keys), and Sean Walker (beats). Movement doesn’t fit into a certain genre but rather blends several together with a little bit of R&B and electronic sounds blended in there. Lead singer Lewis Wade was absolutely phenomenal and had the crowd in awe. Movement got the crowd set in the perfect tempo for Banks.

After Movement, the crowed buzzed with excitement. Looking around, many selfies were taken with the BANKS backdrop in the background on the stage as everyone awaited Banks. Banks is a 25-year old sultry moody R&B artist out of LA and as earlier was here in Portland for the first time.. Finally, lights off and Banks entered the stage singing Before I Ever Met You. The name of her recently released album “Goddess” is one way to describe Banks, the crowed went crazy overfilling with excitement to see the beautiful Banks finally on stage. Banks flowed effortlessly through her set and the crowd was completely engaged throughout the entire performance. My personal favorite song of the night was Waiting Game…it is my favorite song from Banks and hearing it live was nothing short of amazing. Overall it was a great concert and definitely not someone you want to miss next time she comes to your town.

Check here to see if she is stopping near you and download her recent album “Goddess” here. Also check out some photos from Banks in house photographer Catie Laffoon below…

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