Gregory Alan Isakov//February 18

Gregory Alan Isakov is a singer/song writer from South Africa who has been in the music scene the majority of his life. He has spent his life traveling and this is evident in the lyrics of his music. He is a wanderer, but has found home in my home state of Colorado, where he lives a life of writing songs, playing music and managing a garden at his home in Boulder. Isakov’s music is a perfect balance of light folk and beautifully crafted lyrics.

Isakov is currently on tour celebrating his album, The Weatherman which has been receiving phenomenal feedback from the public. He recently made a stop at The Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon and delivered an amazing performance. With nothing but instruments and a glowing globe gracing the stage, the audience waited in anticipation for Gregory Alan Isakov and his band. The audience, which was made up of mostly adults with a few older teens scattered in the crowed, was enthused when the group entered the stage. The band consisted of four incredibly talented musicians along side Isakov. The pure musical talent of Isakov and the band permeated the venue. Overall it was a good night spent listening to good music. Take a look at a few photos from the show below…And also check his tour dates to see if Isakov is stopping anywhere near you!

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