Hey Rosetta!//March 3

Hey Rosetta! is currently on tour supporting their new album, Second Sight. I caught them at my new favorite venue, the incredibly intimate Mississippi Studios. Hey Rosetta! sounds like Young the Giant’s Canadian cousin. Sameer Gadhia (Young the Giant) and Tim Baker (Hey Rosetta!) share strikingly similar pure and fluid vocals. There were also moments when they reminded me of Wild Cub and Milo Greene.

However, Hey Rosetta! deserves more than to be passively compared to other bands. The amount of talent crammed onto that tiny stage blew my mind: 7 musicians, 20 instruments (I counted).   Random percussion, horns, strings, four keyboards, you name it—it probably existed in some corner of that stage.

Not a die-hard fan of the band (yet), I was surprised how many songs I excitedly recognized. My favorites were the piano-heavy “Harriet,” the string solo in “Yer Spring,” the subdued “What Arrows,” and “Gold Teeth.” Most songs spent their time wavering between soft moments of minimal instrumentation and the emphatic, joyous collaboration of the entire band—almost always culminating in a triumphant ending.

Between songs, Tim maintained a connection with the audience through comments about how sometimes the weather is too nice for him—how sometimes it’s comforting when the dreariness inside of you matches the storm clouds outside. (It was wonderfully warm and sunny that day.) As a transplant to the Pacific Northwest, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

After a generous hour and a half of brilliance, they ended with “Welcome,” a touching anthem Tim Baker wrote for his friends’ baby. For the encore, they performed just one more song, “Bandages,” recruiting the audience to sing along, each of us dreading the moment that the concert would end for real.