Interview//Magic Man

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking a phone call with Alex Caplow (vocals) and Sam Vanderhoop Lee (guitars and keyboard) of Magic Man before their Cleveland show while they were waiting for sound check their while listening to walk the moon and p!atd’s sound checks and enjoying an extra large kit kat bar.

Craziest moment on tour?

Alex: We were in Toronto playing a show with new politics and while we were on stage the power of the entire venue shut off and fans turned the flash lights on their phone ended up being unforgettable and actually really cool.

You guys just released your first album, Before the Waves…what is your personal favorite song of the album?

Sam: A different one every day

Alex: All of them, I feel very passionate about each of the songs but at this moment I would say the song Honey

Where did you come up with the idea for your album art?

Both: We had a rough idea, wanting to do something with surrealism and magic, something out of the ordinary. We went through some photographers at the label and one in particular stood out. It was shot during the night with a long exposure and glow sticks in the waves.

I hear you guys will be on tour with Small Pools in the fall, what else is in the works for magic man?

Sam: Touring is life right now, hoping to get over to the UK Europe before the end of the year. We just finished our first album so we’re not really focusing on writing as much but always writing a little bit here and there. So the next thing is live and playing as many shows as we can.

Alex: Some remixes will come out, I’m sure we will have some new music videos coming out so there will still be content.


Below are some pictures polaroids snapped on July 19th at Big Gig 2014 in Colorado