Interview//Night Riots

Night Riots is a five-piece indie rock band out of San Luis Obispo,CA. They are currently on tour supporting the Mowglis on their Kids in Love tour. We had the chance to chat with them this past Friday at the Wonder Ballroom before their set. The band is composed of Travis Hawley (vocals), Nick Fotinakes (guitar), Mikel Van Kranenburg (bass), Matt DePauw (guitar), and Rico Rodriguez (drums).

Are you excited to start this tour with The Mowglis and Hippo Campus?

We’re hugely excited, we hopped on this tour last minute. It was kind of a cool thing that happened and we’re stoked to go out. We just finished a US tour on our own.

How does it feel to hear your song on the radio?

It’s interesting, it’s different like we are all in such a big bubble of touring so much that we don’t necessarily hear ourselves a lot, but we get videos from people saying that they have heard our song and it’s cool. We’ve heard the song so many times that you know it’s the same song but it is flattering to know that it’s on a TV show or your friend heard it in the car. It’s just nice to know that people appreciate the art you’re making. I think that’s what every artist really wants, for other people to enjoy what their doing. To hear that we’re getting heard somewhere we’ve never been or in some random part of the world is really cool.

Where does the name Night Riots come from?

The name was something that when we were deciding on what we wanted to be called we basically just kind of decided what fit the band and the style of music that we were going for, the image we wanted to have, at the same time something that was illegally free too just kind of came together. Night Riots describes the feeling of camaraderie we have with our audience during our performance. Typically shows are at night, typically the audience is kind of like a ruckus crowd, people crowd surfing and having a good time. Not a riot like burning down buildings or anything but just the energy of people together having a good time. It just embodies what we are and what we play.

What does your future look like?

Clouded. Very very clouded. The future is a crapload of touring. Yeah we are going to tour a ton this year. Hopefully finish a full length as well, that’d be cool. We basically have been touring this whole year and we are out for another 8 weeks and then we are doing all of warped tour so we’re gone for the whole summer and probably the fall too. So we’re just playing a ton on this EP we just put out in the mean time we are writing new music to hopefully release new stuff too.

Do you ever miss home or is touring kind of your home now?

Sometimes, yeah I mean we are all really good friends so in a way we bring home with us . We got to go home for like six hours.
I miss my bed and my shower a lot.
I miss my puppy.
I miss my gold fish.

Describe your music in one word