Interview//White Arrows

White Arrows, a psychedelic, electronic, indie pop band out of LA will be here in Portland this November. The band has recently released their second album, Bardo. Check out what lead singer Mickey Church has to say about inspiration, touring, and personal favorites.

What other bands do you draw inspiration from?

Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Jai Paul, James Blake, Mac Demarco, Van Morrison, Adrian Belew… and so on.

Where does your album artwork come from?

We collaborated with my friend SuSBoy, who also made our live visuals.  He’s incredible.  I love everything he does.

This summer you toured with The Neighbourhood, how was that?

It was crazy.  We’ve never played to those kinds of crowds before.  It was surreal.  We also were playing HUGE venues, which was really nice.

Favorite show to play so far?

I really liked playing two nights at the fox theater on the last tour.  You feel the history when you walk into that place, and it sounds great and SF gets wild.  I’ve also never had a bad time in Atlanta.

Any crazy “fan girl” experiences?

There were fan girls galore on this last tour.  It’s wild.  It’s cool to see enthusiastic people … girls or boys.. women or men… dogs or cats.. aliens or sea creatures .. no discrimination.

You guys just came out with your second full album, what is your personal favorite song off of In Bardo? 

Right now I’m really feeling “Devils Chimes”, but I think about “Nobody Cares” a lot because I have that thought that nobody cares almost on a daily basis… so I’m reminded of it all the time.

The band will be in Portland Wednesday, November 12th at the Holocene, a show you don’t want to miss. You can pick up your tickets here! And take a look their website here to find videos, music, and to see if they are coming to your city anytime soon.