Interview//Young Rising Sons

My friend Maisie and I had the chance to sit down and chat with Andy Tongren (singer and guitar), Dylan Scott (guitar), Julian Dimagiba (guitar), and Steve Patrick (drums) of Young Rising Sons as they got into Portland for their show with The 1975 at The Roseland Theater. We talked cold weather, haunted venues, and how they can relate to a certain part of the movie “The Thing You Do”. Check out the full interview below and also check out pictures from their show beneath the interview.

How are you guys liking Portland so far?

Andy:Well we have only been here for a half and hour, so far it’s been cold and rainy.

Dylan:Well it’s not that cold I mean where were we…Wyoming the other night and it was negative 12 and the windchill was negative 34 or something so this is like nothing

Yikes, my sister was in Colorado for your show she said it was cold and snowing there

D&A:Ah nice

D:Ya it was cold there to but then it got colder as we drove

A:through the mountains and stuff

Steve:were from New Jersey so this weather is not bad

How has it been touring with The 1975

A: Its been awesome, the crowds have been insane and their fans are just manic which is awesome and its been a real honor to be able to share the stage with them every night

So you guys have been touring a lot, what has been your favorite show to play?

A: My favorite was Kansas City actually

S: I liked Chicago too, we played the Aragon Ballroom there

D: Ya that place is super historic. I liked Milwaukee. I thought Milwaukee was sick. We played the Eagles Ballroom at The Rave, it’s really haunted

A: Ya super spooky

Anything spooky happen to you guys out there?

S: Ya Julian actually took a photo of the ghost

*Julian joined us at this point, perfect timing really*

S: There’s an abandoned pool that was down stairs at the bottom of the venue. Julian took a photo

D: and there is like an orb in there

S: There’s like a figure in the photo

A: It looks like its a person

S: and then someone showed us, someone that works there showed us a crazier one and there is a face

D: it was so scary….oh you can see it now its just an orb (we got a chance to see the picture Julian took and it was indeed pretty spooky) The one the woman showed us was insane it was a literal face

S?:It was also right across the street from where Jeffery Dahmer would spend a lot of time

D: It was built in like the 1926 and they would have boxing matches there and actually on our video oh no thats the Aragon Ballroom never mind my story was no good

Alright, so what are some musical inspirations for the band?

A: We’ve listened to a lot of different things

D: Ya pretty much everything

A: I grew up on a lot of motown stuff like Temptations and stuff so I draw a lot of my stylistic stuff as far as my voice goes from there, but i mean we’re from New Jersey so its like a law that we have to be inspired by Bruce Springsteen

D: Ya we love Bruce, but we all listen to all…It’s just like a huge plethora of music. Ya we don’t discriminate against any type of music. We like it all and we just try to make rock music that we think is good and had good melodies, stuff that has pop elements to a rock band

Nice, so how did the band start, how did you guys all come together?

D: Us three, me, Steve, and Julian all grew up in New Jersey and we played in bands around the area together and we were always playing shows at like Nights of Columbus or whatever and we would always play these shows, we just knew each other for 12 years then we found andy playing at a bar in new york right outside of where we r from and we asked him to come play w us and we were just friends since then so we continued playing for like 5 yrs or something and we got signed and now were on the road with other bands

So I hear High on the radio all the time back in Colorado.

A: 93.3?


A: Nice

So have you guys heard your song on the radio? Is it weird hearing yourself?

L: It’s very strange

A: Ya have you seen that movie the thing you do? It’s very similar to that. The first time we all heard it together we were in LA after our first tour driving to the airport to fly back home

D: Pretty Weird

A: Ya it’s pretty surreal

L:It’s pretty cool

A: Ya strange but we like it