Local Music//Almost, Maine

Talented, quirky, youthful, and hilarious; all adjectives reflecting the rising pop-punk Denver band, Almost, Maine. Residing in Highlands Ranch, Almost, Maine quickly rose to the top of the pop-punk scene opening for bands including Hollywood Ending and From Thin Air, as well as being in the top 10 for Channel 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays.

Previously known as Broken Skyline, David Dent, Sean Kellogg, and Christian Stewart, broke from their old ties and created Almost, Maine with the addition of drummer Adam Shaw. Front man David Dent tells us the origin of the name Almost, Maine, “I walked into school through the front doors and on one of the signs outside was a poster for the play Almost, Maine that our school was doing, and I brought it to everyone and they liked it too.”

To everyone’s surprise, the guys were not young musical prodigies and actually did not get involved in music until 7th and 8th grade. “I took guitar in seventh grade and the teacher didn’t really teach us anything, but there was this student who played Blink 182, so I really learned from him and then told Sean he should learn too.” David tells us. Christian added, “They told me I should learn how to play bass for their band the summer before freshman year.”

When they first got started playing the show circuit, Almost, Maine was on a streak of bad luck, with one mediocre performance after another, until they got to their show at Seventh Circle. Dent recalls, “The only people who watched us play were the other bands and our dads, but then we got the mentality that we would just have fun with it, and play the show, who cares if we mess up.” Lead guitarist Sean Kellogg can remember the defining moment for the band, “I think our first defining moment was our first Marquis show with Hollywood Ending, that was where it turned from being a basement hobby to a career.”

Inspired by bands such as All Time Low, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Green Day, Blink 182, and Go Radio, the band released their first EP in November of 2013 titled “Beginner’s Luck.” The EP gained popularity in record time. “After we released our EP, I had people coming up to me who I had never talked to before telling me how much they liked our music, it kind of happened overnight,” says Dent.

They describe the feeling of being an emerging artist in the Denver area as “surreal.” With the Denver music scene expanding, more competition presents itself, but Sean Kellogg states, “We view the music scene as more of an opportunity for collaboration, not competition.”

Almost, Maine is set to play their biggest show yet at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins with From Thin Air. They’re currently in the process of writing a full-length album, and hope to start a tour in a year or so that includes instate and out of state venues. Check out more from Almost, Maine on their facebook page here, and you can vote for them to play this year’s Warped Tour in August here.

interview by: Clarity Engel