New Politics//November 4

If you checked out my last post of photos from Bad Suns, you knew that I attended the New Politics concert last week at The Hawthorne Theatre. Last time I saw New Politics was in front of a sold out crowd of around 6,000 people at Denver’s Not So Silent Night in December 2013 and since then it has been the most fun show I have ever attended. I wasn’t sure how it would be seeing the band play a smaller setting, but I was not at all disappointed. Regardless of audience size New Politics puts on a phenomenal show. Lead singer David Boyd is so happy to be there and you can see it all over his face as his smile stretches from ear to ear for the majority of the performance. Along with Boyd on the stage is Søren Hansen (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards) and Louis Vecchio (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and they too have a glowing stage presence. So glad I was able to see them again! Check out photos from New Politics below..

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