Interview//Circa Waves

Circa Waves, are 4-piece, indie-pop band hailing from Liverpool. They just released their debut album, Young Chasers, in the UK a couple days ago, and last month released, the T-Shirt Weather EP, for the US. We sat down with these fellas at SXSW for a little chat about their new album and if they will embark on US tour anytime soon. Circa Waves consists of Kieran Shudall (vocals/guitar), Colin Jones (drums), Sam Rourke (bass), and Joe Falconer (guitar).

Is this your first time in Austin? Do you like it?

Yeah, in Austin. It’s amazing, really chaotic, but it’s good.

Have you been bar hopping on sixth street, yet? 

Not really, because we just got in and then we had three gigs yesterday so we’ve been going from gig to gig. We haven’t had much time to go out to bars or anything.

So, you just dropped T-shirt weather as the new single in the UK, is it going to be released in the US soon?

Yeah so we’ve done like an EP at the moment and in the UK we’ve been releasing singles, and our album on the 30th, but in America there’s two EP’s, so the next one is T-Shirt Weather which has got that, and it will have three or four more songs or so on it, but I think that’s already available.

Any plans on a US or UK tour? 

There’s plans. Nothing is set in stone yet though. When we get back from here, we’re doing a UK and European tour for the album, and then just doing loads of festivals. We’ll be over here for a few festivals in the summer, definitely will be back, and then maybe after that probably a US tour.

So, 2016 US tour?

We will definitely be back in 2016, but we will be back at the end of this year.

You guys opened up for The 1975 and The Libertines, how was that, which one did you like better? 

They were both good for their own reasons, you know what I mean? Really different. The Libertines just because it’s one of our favorite bands of all time, and it’s just sort of like, we got to play before your heroes and we got to watch them every night. Just fucking amazing.  And then The 1975 was cool because the venues we got to play were these amazing, beautiful theaters in Australia and all that.

Do you have a favorite venue from that tour? 

The Brisbane one was pretty good, with the open air tent. Oh yeah, that was so fucking hot, the last day of tour was in Brisbane, and it was insanely hot, and the whole gig was in this massive tent. It was one of those where the sun was going down, one of those awesome kind of moments. All those venues were really cool, yeah it was amazing.

Describe Circa Waves in one word. 


Can you explain why?

It covers a lot of bases really, it’s such a well rounded word, it could be used in different circumstances. It depends on how you say it like, “FUCK” or “FUUUUCK!” or “FUCK?” or “fuck?” it’s just great, you can say it any way you want.

Bailey and Kindle with Circa Waves

Bailey and Kindle with Circa Waves

Interview by Kindle and Bailey