Olivver (Bryan Sammis), is a pop solo artist based out of Los Angeles. After he parted ways with The Neighbourhood in early 2014, he decided to take his talents elsewhere, therefore producing Olivver the Kid. He dropped his debut EP, Freak, this past October and new single, “I Want It,’ last week. I caught him at the Dallas stop on The American Youth Tour, and at his last show of SXSW. Read my interview with Olivver below and see when the American Youth Tour is coming to your city, you don’t want to miss out on this.

When did you know you wanted to go solo? 

I don’t think that really factored in. It wasn’t a conscious effort to leave the nbhd and go solo. There were extenuating circumstances that led to us mutually parting ways. I always wrote my own music & I knew that I wanted those songs out in the world in some form and at some point. So, it seemed like the next natural step was to give it a shot.

You’ve been on the American Youth Tour for a little while now, what  has been your favorite stop so far?

Tonight we play Atlanta, which should be super fun. Dallas has probably been the most hype crowd so far, so i’ll go with Dallas. 

Your EP, Freak, was released last October and you just released a new single, “I Want It,” what is your favorite song you’ve released?

 I Want It is definitely up there. For me there are different songs for different moods.

Raul would like to know: what inspired the song Attica 71’?

The homie. The song was inspired by the prison riot in Attica New York in 1971 & relating that to personal circumstances.

When can we expect a full length album?

Not for a while probably. I have one ready, concept and all, even down to the album art. However, I won’t release a full length until it will get the proper push/backing & the demand is at the point where it makes sense to release that many songs at once.

After the American Youth Tour, are there any plans for another tour or more shows?

There are definite plans for shows. Nothing set in stone quite yet, though.

Describe OLIVVER’s music in one word.


photos by: Nicole Ciolino