New Music//Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice released their debut album, My Love is Cool, this past month and it took me a while to process what I wanted to write because this album is just TOO GOOD.

 After seeing Wolf Alice in May, I couldn’t wait for them to release the songs that they had played. Luckily I had to wait just a few more weeks to hear the masterpiece that they had recorded. The album takes you on quite the roller coaster. Opening with the song “Turn To Dust” the album starts out with a calm, easy tempo song, which becomes slightly more upbeat in the next song, “Bros,” and picks up some more rock vibes with “Your Loves Whore” and “Moaning Lisa Smile.” I think you are getting the point, this album is diverse with each and every song, but works together seamlessly as a whole. Every song on this album holds its own, which is rare for albums when some songs often rely on others to fit into the overall record.

 I’ve had this album on repeat since the day it was released and once you hear it, I’m sure you will do the same. Driving to work, hanging out with friends, laying by the pool, no matter what you are doing chances are this will provide as the perfect soundtrack to your summer.