Artist to Watch//NŌVA

Get to know NŌVA, she is a 19 year old singer/ songwriter hailing from Montreal, Canada. She caught my attention quickly, her ethereal pop has an eerie sound, something you’ll want to listen to over and over again. She’s played many live shows from New York to LA, and is currently in the studio creating new music.. so keep your ears peeled! If you listen to artists such as Zella Day, Banks, Tove Lo, Halsey and even Years & Years, there’s no doubt you’ll love NŌVA.


Her first single, titled “More”, is haunting and addicting, yet very upbeat and fun. You’ll want to throw your hands up and dance, without realizing it’s been on repeat for an hour. At the same time, you can just sit back relax and press ‘play' before bed. “More" is very versatile, fitting into multiple genres and playlists. You’ll want to keep an eye on NŌVA, her musical style and sound is unique and beautiful. 



Check out my interview with NŌVA below:

Has becoming a musician something you’ve always wanted to do? 

Yes! I started singing when I was really young but what brought me to discover music was when I signed up for my first violin class (I was about 6-7). From there I developed such a strong bond with music. I was always fascinated by melodies and rhythm. I stopped playing violin when I was 17 to focus on singing but violin really helped me find my voice. I was also in theatre and broadway classes, I never thought I was good enough to just be a singer, it took me quite some time to find myself as one and to branch out from classical and broadway music. Everyone around me wanted to be a doctor or a teacher but I knew deep down I wanted to pursue a career in music. 

How did “NŌVA" start?

I was at point in my musical journey where I didn’t want to stick with my birth name. I wanted something new and refreshing since this is a new step in my life. In latin Nova means new. However, it was actually my best friend who helped me find my name. She’s always supported me and said I was a star in her eyes no mater what the out come may be. Nova also represents and explosion of a star in the universe. She thought it was very fitting for my future in music. Overall I just really liked the meaning and significance it has to me, I also really liked the ring to it!

Where do you look for inspiration when writing songs?

I’m always inspired by things I see happening in the world around me. May it be something that has happened to me or to a friend, I’m constantly searching for new inspirations when I write. I also sometimes pretend to be someone else when I write songs, so sometimes the songs have absolutely nothing to do with me!

Who are some of your favorite artists?

I’ve always looked up to Lady Gaga as an artist. She’s inspired me to find myself and to disregard other peoples opinions. She is someone I constantly see living and breathing her art and that’s what i intend on doing. I also really love Banks, her songs are amazing and her sound was one of the main inspirations for this song.

When did you start playing shows?

I started playing violin at the age of about 7 and had my first recital at around that age. I’ve always been on a stage either singing, dancing, acting or playing the violin. When I was in high school I would sing at shows in front of the whole school, I probably did up to 5 shows a year.  That really helped me get comfortable singing on stage. I booked my first ever show in 2014 where I was able to play originals. However, I had done many open mic before that!

Can you tell us a little bit about “More”?

More is one of the songs that I wrote when I was going through a lot with some of my friends and in my life in general. To me, its about wanting something you can’t, always wanting more. Also realizing that maybe this is the end of a friendship or relationship when the person is hardly talking to you anymore and you feel shunned by them. The song itself has really dark undertones but is fun to blast while driving, its kind of a mix of both.

What are your plans for the future?

An EP/Album is definitely in the works for the future. Im currently working with some really amazing and talented people. I’m also trying to plan a mini tour, probably going to be performing on the west coast as well as some east coast shows! I want to do it all!

Describe NŌVA in one word