Interview: Wilderado

interview by Sam Keeler

LA based quartette, Wilderado, is just beginning to make their mark in the music world. With a recently released EP and a single that is topping the charts in several countries, this is just the beginning. I exchanged emails with Max to learn more about the band- where they came from, where they're going and everything in between. Be sure to keep your eye out for them on their current tour with dates coming up in Seattle, Portland, and several in California.

Can you tell us a little bit about the band's history?

We all moved to LA and found ourselves in a group of friends, artists and musicians writing and sharing songs. Three of us started connecting to some of the tunes and began recording them. Then we mail-ordered ourselves a drummer, Justin, from Tulsa (small shout out to Jackie, his wife, for being down to move to LA two weeks after their wedding). 

Where did your band name originate from?

It was a sign revealed to us. Actually, right on the east side of New Mexico. We were being threatened with legalities to change our previous band name when we saw it. There she was. 

You just released a new EP, do any of you have any personal favorite songs or anything that particularly stands out to you? How would you describe the EP as a whole? 

Rubble to Rubble is wild right now. When we wrote it, I was thinking of the people I know that were able to get their shit together when they had a child.  At the time I was single, now (two years later) I have a four month old and am screaming about how I hope she helps me to become a better person all over the country. I never believed that song would have come true so fast -- the having a baby part. I quickly learned you're the only one that can better yourself. All the same, she couldn't be more welcomed. We love her so much. All the songs on this EP have come to some strange fruition in their own right, it's a steady reminder to try and be honest and open with what we're saying. This is EP is a very good representation of our band. 

Your single, Wheat, has gained a decent sized following in the past two weeks. Did you expect to see your song being played all over the world? How do you feel about that?

It feels very good. More than anything we feel grateful. We all know so many musicians and writers that should have people all over the world listening to their music. Thank you for listening!!  

As you are currently on tour, what's your favorite food to eat while on tour?

We can't help but eat a lot of biscuits and gravy and buffalo wings. Like, B&G at 8am, wings at 11pm. Nothing in between. Unfortunately, it's going to take the serious, real-life lesson of why that's a bad idea to get us to stop. 

What can we expect to see over the next couple of months from the band?

We are writing a lot. So expect a lot of music. Vinyl is being shipped and we are setting up an online store. So, you can expect that. You can expect us to be doing whatever we can to be able to play in front of you and, hopefully, meet you. 

Describe Wilderado in one word.

Wilderado is Wilderado. 

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