Premiere: Thompson Springs//Sun and Gun

words by Jaycee Rockhold

Matt Smith, Chicago native who previously played in The Sharrows (from Madison, WI), is now playing psychedelic-tinged rock in his band Thompson Springs, along with Jacob Bickanese and Andy Goitia. Half & Half is premiering their new video for “Sun and a Gun”, a song off their EP Fond Regards. Guitar heavy, ladled with with a groovy bass line, and echoing the same essence as acts like Kurt Vile and Temples, the track evokes a summery mood, like driving down LSD with the windows down, or wandering through a vibrantly lit boardwalk.

The music video, featuring Smith himself, reflects this mood, with Smith donned in messily applied, jester-like makeup meandering around the beach until he stumbles upon a boardwalk, colorful shades of carnival lights illuminating the frame. The video, shot and edited by Nathan Dalton, was filmed in Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia, where the band also completed a brief tour.

Check out Thompson Springs while they’re on tour in the US.

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