New Music Tuesday

written by Jaycee Rockhold, Claire Chaney, Erika Alvarez, & Emily Nelson

It’s All Gonna Be Okay // Ron Gallo

"It's All Gonna Be Okay", a track from Ron Gallo's new album Stardust Birthday Party, seems like a chaotic whirlwind on first listen, ladled with fuzzy guitar, an anxiety-inducing tempo, and then, somehow, a bluesy, jangly outro. However, "It's All Gonna Be Okay" isn't just a song filled to the brim with erratic instrumentals, but rather a song reflecting a motive to remember that life works out, despite all of the disorder surrounding it. Gallo's voice is confident, repetitive, and reassuring, acting as somewhat of an anchor to the rhythm of the song.

High on Your Love // Amber Mark

Amber Mark’s soulful vocals are the dreamy driving force behind her new cover of Kings Go Forth's "High On Your Love." The light drum beat and the ethereal background vocals pick up a danceable mid-tempo that sets the cover apart from the original. The track’s style is unique, well-produced, and consistent with Mark’s past work. The best part? All streaming proceeds go to The Rose, a breast cancer imaging center that provides services to women “regardless of their ability to pay.”

terminal paradise // Adrianne Lenker

Big Thief frontwoman Adrianne Lenker's third solo album, "abysskiss," is both a departure from her band's distinctive fuzzy rock and an homage to its spirit. "terminal paradise," the first song off the album, shuns the snarling guitars and drums of Big Thief's albums, instead focusing on spare, plucking acoustic guitars and pulsing bass underneath. But Lenker's distinctive voice and lyrics are the standout, infusing the arrangement with depth and heartfelt sorrow, drawing you in to her impassioned, straightforward exploration of birth and blossoming.

The Moment // Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends have just debuted "The Moment", the first single from their forthcoming EP, Broken Sleep. This sparkling pop single from the Brighton-native group, "The Moment" shimmers with retro-pop sounds and reminders to live life, well, in the moment. Front-woman Natti Shiner says the track “came about as a result of a newfound headspace after the release of our debut full length release earlier in the year.”

San Luis // Gregory Alan Isakov

Gregory Alan Isakov has made a name for himself over the years with a collection of wistful, homespun folk tunes that seem made for long walks and looking at the stars; it's perfectly timing, then, that his newest album "Evening Machines" dropped at the beginning of October. While more polished than previous albums, full of lush string arrangements and warm vocals, the album's soul is still firmly rooted in the spare, idyllic folk Isakov is known for - "San Luis," a stirring standout that combines ghostly harmonies and plucking banjo with gleaming production, encapsulates his ear for melody and earnest ability to tug at heartstrings. If you've been looking for something folky to throw on your fall playlist, "San Luis" should definitely have a prominent spot.

California Friends // The Regrettes

A pulsing backbeat and lyrics like "I think I love you but then I think no way" are just the beginning. Infused with energy and a sweet guitar line (and music video too, for that matter), The Regrettes' latest single "California Friends" is exactly the kind of sun-drenched single that reminds us why maybe summer should last maybe just a week longer.

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